Rapid Face

by Rapid Face

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Recorded in one day at Audio Science Laboratories


released April 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Rapid Face Dallas, Texas

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Track Name: Intro/Bloody Hands
I hate this fucking world and all that it's offered me,
Outcast frowned upon by society,
You talk your shit, that's cool I piss on my enemies,
I crush the normal with my friends and my family,
When times get hard, put on your rapid face,
Getting trashed, fighting, faded and skating.
When times get hard, put on your rapid face,
A live wire to a brain dead nation,
Refuse to follow your path,
So you can kiss my fucking ass,
Staring death in the face, fists raised,
Impregnate the world with my hate,
Put on your rapid face,
We stand together in the midst of life bullshit.
When times get hard, put on your rapid face,
Life's too short, enjoy what you make of it.

Bloody Hands

With bloody hands you hold your privilege place and power,
As the foundation cracks from underneath your ivory tower,
Out of time, blood is owed,
Here am i reap your soul,
Out of time my blood is cold, As above so below,
And you refuse to see you're raping her, You're raping Eden,
I'll burn you down to hear our screams, I'll hear you screaming,
Out of time, Blood is owed, time to die, suffer suffer,
Out of time, Blood is owed, time to die, suffer suffer,
Out of time my blood is cold, As above so below,
And now here we are face to face in the same room,
Where all your power means nothing,
I've got your life in my hands,
You hold nothing but the hope to be spared,
And the paralyzing fear of your death,
And it's all in vain,
I've got your life in my hands!
Track Name: Nickel Plated Silence
Nickel Plated Silence

I, with my hands cuffed tightly to my back,
Suppressing my ability to fight,
But my words are an assassin in the night,
Yeah you can't cuff words motherfucker!
Don't cross the line!
You might not like what you may find,
It's time to die open up your fucking eyes.
There's no such thing as nickel plated silence,
My lips are burning, to conjure walking corpses,
To end the lawlessness of those the law endorses,
So comes the time for those with dirt beneath their nails,
Become at last the ones whose voices will prevail,
This city quakes when all at once we rise from hell,
For far too long we've been the ones the system failed.
Track Name: Check Up
Check Up

I guess I'm at it again,
Nodding off in my room,
Fall apart to the beat,
Stop my heart before noon,
let's draw a line in the sand,
Let's do a line anyway,
We've got no limit and cash in our hands,
I hear the Dr. is in,
I hate the man in the mirror,
Crush it up on a plate,
Fell the drip in the back of your throat,
Then you forfeit your fate,
The room keeps spinning, I'm going insane,
I'm floating away from myself, trapped inside of my brain,
And here they come, with their white coats pushing it thrills,
For the patients, scum of the earth,
A plague to humanity, devoured by monsters, destroying my sanity,
But I'm scared because I bring it on myself,
But i don't need help, at least that's what i like to preach,
Preach as I pop em!
Find a way, everyday, as I pray to the capsule god,
On my knees begging please, religion my the milligram,
Because it feels so good too, wouldn't stood if i could,
Won't stop until it kills you,
Numb what is real, one foot in the casket, one foot in the grave.
So save all your lectures, I'm a soul you can't save,
You're wasting your time, I'm fading to black,
I'm too far gone,
Theres no coming back.